CFS Maintenance Program

At CFS Interiors & Flooring, we are flooring specialists that are approved to clean specific manufacturer’s products. From carpet to hard-surface, our team will maintain and restore new and existing flooring.  We can extend the life of flooring and interior furnishings by utilizing proprietary products and methods. Implementing a regular maintenance program will ensure the longevity of interior finishes and contribute to a professional, healthy and happy environment.   

Manage national maintenance programs
Trained and certified IICRC maintenance technicians
Maintain according to manufacture product specifications
Create a cleaning schedule that works within budget



The NeverStrip system is a family of ultra-durable coatings used on a wide range of hard surface flooring including VCT, sheet vinyl, ceramic, terrazzo, brick and rubber floors. As the name implies, NeverStrip never needs to be stripped off. Just recoat over it. There is a terrific return on investment using NeverStrip. Because floor care costs are generally 80% labor, you can reduce your maintenance budget 30%, 50%, or even 70% compared to using acrylic finishes. You’ll have a better looking floor too!

Carpet & Hard-Surface Maintenance Services

Carpet & Hard-Surface Maintenance Services

  • Maintain flooring for better ROI
  • Eliminate dust, mold, allergens and pollutants
  • Superior maintenance equipment
  • ResisTech application for new and existing carpet
  • Revitalize & extend the life of existing floors


ResisTech is a low-moisture carpet care treatment that not only encapsulates soil but also adds anti-soiling technology to the fibers. It is designed to use on nylon, olefins and wool carpets. ResisTech works by surrounding and neutralizing oily soil particles with chemistry that inhibits the attraction of other soils. This allows soil to be easily removed by routine vacuuming. Using ResisTech will greatly improve the appearance and extend the life of your carpet.


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