Contact Information

Why is CFS Interiors & Flooring a great place to work?

    I really enjoy working at CFS because it feels like we are a family here, everyone supports everyone to get all we do done!

What 3 words describe you?

    Outgoing | Loving | Determined

 How do you define customer service?

    I define customer service as, going the extra mile to make sure that customers are happy and fulfilled with whatever service is being offered to them. There is not a better feeling than leaving somewhere thinking “Wow! They were so great and helpful and truly cared about helping me”.

Best types of exercise:

    Running, Body pump class and swimming.

Favorite pastime:

    Having both my children.

Favorite memory at CFS Interiors & Flooring:

    Well I have only been here since May 2016, but so far, I would say going hunting with Schreiber and Mullany, Rick Battis and Mike Marden. I had never gone hunting and it was Amazing!