Contact Information
        651-256-0236 (direct)
        651-270-1807 (mobile)
        [email protected]

Why is CFS Interiors & Flooring a great place to work?

    As a CFS Interiors & Flooring partner, I try to create an environment that is fun to be in that actively rewards hard work.

What 3 words describe you?

    Passionate | Dedicated | Loyal

 How do you define customer service?

    Solving the customer’s problem is the first priority; identifying the cause and fixing the process is second.

Best type of exercise:


Favorite movie:

    Second Hand Lions.

Favorite memory at CFS Interiors & Flooring:

    The first week we bought the company a distributor put us on credit hold because he didn’t know who we were. I quickly set a lunch date to make a formal introduction and explain why we could be great partners in the industry. They then provided us a line of credit to start. That meeting fostered a great business partnership.