What do a litter of puppies and CFS Interiors & Flooring have in common?

Recently, Rochelle, one of the employees at CFS, had a dog that recently gave birth to a litter of nine puppies.

She needed a place to keep all the puppies in one place while keeping her house clean from puppy mistakes. The solution she came up with was a whelping box sealed with a product from CFS called Fluid Applied Epoxy.

Fluid Applied Epoxy Flooring is a 100% pet-safe, durable, easy-to-clean, chemical-resistant, scratch-resistant, and easy-to-disinfect whelping box where Rochelle’s nine puppies will live for the first 8 weeks of their lives.

Fluid Applied Flooring seals the bottom so urine or other messes can’t seep through, which is perfect for having the whelping box in the house with the whole family.

How To Make Your Own Whelping Box:

  • Started with cutting 1⁄2” plywood and building a 4’x4’ whelping box.
  • After mixing the resin and hardener using the correct ratios, the Fluid Applied Flooring was carefully applied with a squeegee and trowel to insure even coverage and prevent puddling the material.
  • Then work on sealing the bottom edges with a paintbrush so the Fluid Applied Flooring was completely spread evenly across the box, making it waterproof.
  • Allow 24-72 hours to fully cure

Rochelle can now take out the puppies, remove the blankets, and completely wipe down and disinfect the entire box, all at the same time.


Fluid Applied Flooring is also great for many other commercial applications:

  • Multi-purpose rooms
  • Vet Hospitals Locker Rooms
  • Hospitals
  • Utility Rooms
  • Airplane hangers

There are many more uses; you just have to think outside of the box!

CFS Interiors & Flooring have a great team and are here for your flooring and design needs.