Restore or Replace Ceramic Tile





When existing ceramic tile needs a facelift, but the COST & INCONVENIENCE of replacement just isn’t in the budget…RESTORE IT!  Give new life to your old ceramic tile installation using NeverStrip.

The NeverStrip Tile Seal process is an innovative, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective method of restoring existing ceramic tile and grout.  Owners will realize tremendous savings in material, labor, and downtime when compared to a traditional tile demo & replacement.  

  1. NeverStrip is a fast-drying, low-odor solution applied directly to the tile with no need for extensive preparation or demolition.  
  2. After giving the floor a deep cleaning, NeverStrip’s Grout Colorant is applied to the grout lines to permanently re-color and refresh.  This not only helps to eliminate odors but transforms the grout color and overall appearance of the floor by giving it a bright new look.
  3. The final step is a coating of NeverStrip Tile Seal which is very thin and dries within minutes. Tile Seal gives increases the coefficient of friction, thereby providing a safer floor with a higher level of slip resistance.  This barrier also shields against dirt which makes cleaning a breeze.
  4. The entire process takes 3-4 hours to complete, absolutely NO comparison to the 3-4 DAYS  required for the demo, clean-up, setting, and grouting new tiles – not to mention the thousands of dollars in savings.  

NeverStrip might just be the perfect solution to preserve the character of original tiles in a historical setting or the design significance of a building’s age or style.

NEVER STRIP could mean the difference in being able to fully complete a renovation project that would otherwise have taken years of phasing or VE to accomplish.    

For more information on NeverStrip contact CFS.