Contact Information
        651-256-0340 (direct)
        651-775-9887 (mobile)
        [email protected]


Why is CFS Interiors & Flooring a great place to work?

    They are very supportive company to work for. They allow me to be creative and work on the projects that I love to work on giving me full support and education to excel in what I do. They create a family unit in our office environment which makes me look forward to each day of going to work.

What 3 words describe you?

    Hard working | Stubborn | Loving/Caring

 How do you define customer service?

    To give all effort on a timely basis to satisfy customer’s needs.

What is your favorite pastime?

    In the summer, I love to garden, ride motorcycle and camp. In the winter months I ice fish and snowmobile.

Most played song on your iPod?

    AC/DC Thunderstruck.

Favorite quote?

    Be the Kind of woman who, when your feet hit the floor in the morning the Devil say “Oh no, She’s up”! Quote unknown