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  • CFS Floors featured in FloorFocus Magazine

    With more than 41 million Americans now ages 55 to 64-and 10,000 turning 65 every day-today’s senior living facilities serve many masters. Winning communities must often cater to active older adults willing to trade their family home for maintenance-free luxury, as well as provide a continuum of support and a safe environment for those no […]

  • Understanding Window Coverings

    Considering new window treatments but not sure where to start?  The CFS Interior Design team is a great resource to help guide you through the possibilities. Here are a few general definitions to start with: The cost of window coverings can vary greatly, and will depend on the material, hardware, and size involved.  That’s why […]

  • Investing in Commercial Furniture

    Bargain DOES NOT Equal Value Let’s face it, when we see chairs for sale on Amazon or at Costco for $99, it’s difficult to rationalize paying more for what appears to be the same item elsewhere. While bargains may work as a quick fix, they can be disappointing and even dangerous when used in public […]