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  • Understanding Window Coverings

    Considering new window treatments but not sure where to start?  The CFS Interior Design team is a great resource to help guide you through the possibilities. Here are a few general definitions to start with: The cost of window coverings can vary greatly, and will depend on the material, hardware, and size involved.  That’s why […]

  • Investing in Commercial Furniture

    Bargain DOES NOT Equal Value Let’s face it, when we see chairs for sale on Amazon or at Costco for $99, it’s difficult to rationalize paying more for what appears to be the same item elsewhere. While bargains may work as a quick fix, they can be disappointing and even dangerous when used in public […]

  • Linoleum- Ingenuity on the Flooring Frontier

    What comes to mind when you hear the word “linoleum”?  Probably a marbled looking kitchen floor in a residential setting, right?  In fact, people commonly mistake linoleum for sheet vinyl. Linoleum, created by Frederick Walton, was the pioneer in the resilient flooring and deserves more credit than that.  In fact, linoleum is truly unique and […]